into the machineeeeeee3e


I came a long way


stigmatic exegesis

the devil's cunt

brother in the wind

self portrait (feat. Olof Hanvark)

hole in your head (feat. Olof Hanvark)

violence intensifier

macvhinre (into the machine 3 alt)

no light warms me

celluloid horrors

tracker array

Shelter Is Illusory

endless fucking teeth

no light warms me (alt)



years spent dreaming

future coiled up

loss leader

matter wrongly configured

the mother of our homes

out look not so good

coeurcerer (alt)

skullfuckinggrid (feat. memorialized)

an unholy altar shoot it repeatedly

the dragon in the desert


No Present No Future (a tribute to "The Holy City Is Empty")

Grey States

The Empire Laid Bare

Archaic Cruelty (feat. memorialized)

Kaleidoscopic Ash

Vulgar Acts With Holograms

the future folds in our hands

The Phantasmic Kaleidoscope of David Henry Dees

body dares


Whoremonger's Pleroma

Apocalypse Now To Infinity

Pyrotechnic Fugue

Infidelity Is Absolute

dream chains

Pale Throne, None Paler


Boiled Angel, Melting Witch

drink my blood

high slide


lover's quarrel

Fuck You

satellite flowers

opening crawl

hopelessly drowning

Empty Manifesto

cubist landscape

lock your doors

I shall die here

Monument To Discomfort


Alchemy in the Subyear

Electric Gravestone

Zero Shift

Son of Grendel

Torch Hollow

core exposed

Discarded Catalyst - Sinking Feeling

Ripples In Acid

Chariot of Phaethon

A Wound Walking

Sated Devil

Beautiful Paranoia

Fourth Worlder

Noose Eater

march of the elephant men


Transcendence Through Negative Space

Slush Grave

Living Firework - Hero's Welcome

out of pocket

Drowning Spider

Graveyard Caliphate (hole in your head pt 4)

Cavernous Olifant

Titanic Bitterness - Tantric Movement

Bastard In The Incubator

Tau Ceti

Flowers For Ahriman

Future Primitive Macabre

Through Dreams And Black Iron

Hail Thee, Broken Bone

Middle Kingdom

Earth Rocker


Cthonic Naught

Your Girl At A Slaughterhouse

Heartland To Ruin

The Mystic Annihilators

Pornographic Memory


Words On A Screen Overture

Betrothal Of A Recoiling Personhood

The Forest Animals Built His Bombs

Temporary Slideback

A return to the scene of the blackout


flightless aphrodite

Every Other Worlded

All Oars Broken - Coda Of Ugly Lives

Perfect Storm


Epilepsy In Vitro

Discreet Chant


Warlord Of Love


Ten-Ton Mask (A tribute to Lovecrypt Records 2017-2019)

Mass Appeal

Let it Rain! Let it Rain! Let it

Police Ablution

Playboy X

Thorn Exotic

Son Of Nothing Child Of Nothing Offspring Of Nothing Descendant Of Nothing Disciple Of Nothing

Earth Under Earth Under Earth

Eagles Never Landing


Hourglass Worship

Birth Rattle, Death Rattle

Dreamless Operator


A Real Hostility

Freudian Detour

Gods and Goddesses As Ghosts

Panzer Rune

Paths That Spasm

Death Threat Daydream

Unworldly Coffers of Tallow and Yew

Oh Sinner

Black Talons

Brigand Matador Matriarch

Childhood on Mars

Soul Inability

Faded Remorse

A Soft Touch


Shawty Be Long Gone

Birdfucker - Berserker Pentecost

Ixtab The Chessmaster Ixtab The Cheap Thrill Ixtab Whose Body Is Roaring Plastic