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Babylon Will Drown In Earth

Battery Acid Egypt


Crime Story

Warlord Of Last Temptation

Rattling Chain

Don't Fantasize

Motherfucker Are You Lost

Peace '22

Lucid Eater

Cavernous Malformation

We've Had Enough Of Your Dreams

Hollow Spirits Amassing

The Backlash

A Beast Gone Reaping


Variations On A Monster In A Dream

Lion Killer

Daughter Catathonia

Holy Cauldron

Thus Spoke The Archon in Its Language of Pain

It's all fun and games until you make her cry

Landing Gate

The Heraldry & Blazons Of Instant Death

Remorse Games

Confession At The Altar Of Squirming Rats

Life Kills

the man with a lapse of judgement

Aerodynamic Satyr


Nano-Blitzkrieg Part 2: Luxury Spasm


A Hollow Promise

Howling Synapses Pulling Stolen Reins

The Telepath, The Mirror

Magic Omnivore

High Kinetic Energy

Shallow Breather


The Filthy Temple

Glissade Of The Energy Leech


At The Gates Of Triumphant Vertigo Is Our House Of Ignorant Light

The Personal Apocalypses

Big Fucking Doom

Stacked Against Us

Akashic Gravedigger

Dueling Shadows

She's A Courier

Empires Unbound

Our Own Private Thermopylae

Negative Volume - Death Of A Gilded Man

Pulse Hymn

Crucified Arsenal In Billowing Fog


Kurtain Call

Part 2: The Many Faces Of The Mystery Witch

Traveler God